Say His Name

Max made me a mommy, and taught me so much about patience, persistence and unconditional love. He was the first baby in the family, first grandchild, nephew. From the time he was born, he had an old-soul wisdom in his eyes and demanded so many answers from the world. He was bright as they come and always challenged me to keep things fresh and interesting.

Max's love of learning brought me joy and was evident in his skip-hop, excited gasps at something new, and his insatiable quest for knowledge. He excelled at school and took joy out of family excursions to museums, historical sites and anywhere in the great outdoors. It also proved for many frustrating "quiet days" at home when I couldn't keep him busy enough for long enough to get any peace and productivity myself. He kept my days full and my heart & soul fuller.

We tended to worry about him socially, yet, he proved we really had nothing to worry about. Although he could be a bit intense, his friends took him for what he was and he developed close relationships in the outside world. He loved fiercely and outwardly and you always knew how he was feeling. He had a high emotional iq and would often cry at sad music, worry about not seeing people for stretches of time, and be concerned when someone had a sad look on their face.

We often wondered aloud about what he would do with his life, his gifts for others and the world so plentiful. We miss every little thing about him, and mourn the loss not only of all we had, but all we should continue to have. As we move forward without him, I often feel his presence, yet would give anything and everything to spend one more minute with his human form. In his honour, I refuse to let the circumstances of life beat me into the ground and have promised him to do my best at doing my best. His name will not be left behind, his gifts will continue to be given, his good spread to others. Don't be afraid to say his name, talk about his life, and dream with me of all he will continue to do.