To honour the memory of Max Robinson, by providing sustainable charitable support for children’s health and education in our community



Max's Story

Love, compassion, wisdom, intelligence and loyalty all bundled into one amazing boy. Max was a bright light, able to infuse excitement and joy into all of life’s experiences. Learn more about his amazing spirit and help us create a legacy built on the good he embodied


Join us as we come together to enjoy the finer things in life: friendship, camaraderie, love and FUN. Click below for details on our upcoming fundraising events.


Donations to The Max Robinson Children’s Foundation can be made via e-transfer or by request for a donation slip. 



Welcome to the Max Robinson Children's Foundation, established in Max's memory and honour, to help us extend his impact on our lives, our community, our world. Please be sure to head over to the Facebook page, like it and share it widely!